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They demand submission as they are insecure. He regularly contributes to various journals and magazines. (Baker points out in his book that there were 10,237 students in first grade colleges in 1931; the number of available government posts carrying a salary of Rs 35 per month were 29,081. Periyar was a anti-national personality. He campaigned the Aryan invasion theory and stated that Dravidians(south indians) are the real Indian and His words: India should never go anywhere near democratic principles. This would mean that around 4,500 students would have had to be passing out every year in the 1930s. P.A. Some non descriptive foreigners who supported these unproven theories were hailed as great scholars in the World Tamil Conferences organised by the Dravidian parties. He despised Indian languages whether it was Tamil or Sanskrit. For the first time ever, Rajinikanth spoke against EV Ramaswamy at a public function. EVR soon realised that as long as he stayed in Congress he cannot divide the castes and religions. Or, he spoke knowing fully well that his comments on Periyar would blow up. There is also a National park which is known as the Periyar National Park in Thekkady located around the reservoir of dam. The dam became a reality nine years later. I must mention here that our family which was a great devotee of EVR has been following his self respect marriages (though as a rebel, I opted for a total Vedic wedding). Assuring Mr. Vijayan of all support, Mr. Stalin informed him that the level in the dam was being closely monitored and the current storage was well within the level permitted by the Supreme Court. Web+44 (0)7540 787812 frances@constructionandbuildingphotography.com. There are both merits and demerits in this broad claim regarding women emancipation but we must understand EVRs mind from the back drop of his western way of living. Effigies and posters of Vishnu, Shiva, Parvathi, Ayyappa and other smaller Gods were paraded naked, and shown having sexual communion. As long as the ones who follow Manu dharma exist, the nation will never have discipline, integrity, honesty and justice. If you find a snake and a brahmin kill the brahmin first Is quoted in verdict of india by Ms. Nicolas. Periyar quoted that Nicolas quoted like that. Honestly can't remember. Nor the suppression by the Thevar community of scheduled communities objected to. Sometime before, I have read this about Periyar's funeral: Government of India / Chief secretary was against giving Periyar a state Funeral because he held no constitutional positions. BR Ambedkar was the worst abused. Later while travelling abroad, he attended nude camps in Germany without any moral qualms and posed for pictures. The then CM, Karunanidhi, apparently was ready to stake his government to provide the state Funeral and said that Gandhiji was also provided accorded Funeral despite holding no constitutional positions. Ramaswamy Naicker, Even then it was clear that the trend was changing. With the threat of floods looming large and the reservoirs filling up, the court asked both States to abide by the rule curve for the period set by the Supervisory Committee constituted at its instance. He objected to government favouring Muslims and it was only the Christians, he seems to have spared. Gradually, thanks to his off-screen mannerisms and accent, his hint at 'spiritual politics' and his pro-Centre anti-protests stance on the CAA, the media and public perception coloured him as being right-of-centre. They lost ability to discern under the rule of rationalists. WebOn 9 July, 1949, a 70-year-old Periyar, E V Ramasamy, married the 32-year-old Maniammai. M. Karunanidhi (front row, third from left) and Periyar (fourth). The national intellectual landscape is verdant. What is the reality? Newcomer to the Congress, EVR tried to impress the Congress party about his eligibility but he was not accepted as his knowledge of English was almost zero. On the employment front, the total number of Brahmin gazetted officers were 620 in 1928. Many of his black-shirted followers were fine individuals personally. Was the Brahmin the bogeyman, the Baba Yaga of the Tamil country? But as Granville Austin writes in his seminal book, Working a Democratic Constitution (1999), After the Congress eclipsed the Justice party in the 1937 elections and later, it made compulsory discrimination very much its own policy even while led by Tamil Brahmins like [Chakravarti] Rajagopalachari.. He had married Nagammai, aged 13, earlier as a teenager. The reaction from Dravidianists is perplexing as Periyar himself was renowned for his iconoclasm. The proof of the pudding lies in the high standards of arts. Play boys were called minors in Tamilnadu those days probably because they continue to stay adolescent despite growing in age. Speaking truth to power requires allies like you. However, he stated the opposite in an earlier meeting on August 31, 1959: Who do you hate? WebThe fake propaganda states, In 1970, he was honored by UNESCO with an award, the citation of which said: Periyar, the Prophet of a New Age, Socrates of South Asia, Father But statistically they were not very significant. A meeting between the Chief Ministers to discuss the issue is being planned in December. The award to Hugo Chvez is an affront to the founding vision of UNESCO and the latest blow to the UN's rapidly declining reputation on human rights and democracy. They expose the vacuum within our contemporary society like the books we buy for display. Periyar was the only cactus plant to have bloomed in it. Even the most advanced digital propagandist tools can never harm ideas that are rounded and complete. EVR Periyar: A checkup on facts & propaganda January 20, 2019 destruction catalysed on a vibrant culture and so the Christian dominated UNESCO honoured EVR with an award in 1970 turning Nelsons eye to the fact that racism was banned by United Nations. He called out EVR (aka Periyar) for organising a rally decades ago in Salem in which naked cutouts of Lord Rama and Sita were paraded with garlands made of sandals. What a profound way to build our daughters? The idols are considered worth every milligram or in millimetres. As a result Dravidian politics became Statues driven resulting in Statues crazy Sychophantic anticulture. There is no doubt that in the late 19th century and early 20th century, Brahmins dominated the educational scene in the state. In all his agitations and he had many the lowest common denominator was the Brahmin. Madurai: The The Madras high court on Wednesday directed the state government to consider a representation which sought to remove the false information in We are told that he was not against Brahmins but against Brahmanism. There is an undeniable political ramification to anything the superstar says. I am not able to remember where I read or heard that. A civilisation famous for love,openness and embrace of races was maimed openly under the name of revolution, by fast spinners of hate. He is so religious that late CM Jayalalithaa is now a part of his pantheon of gods. Hope you will be inspired by this narration. Nobody dare question the catastrophe that fell on people. His first child, a daughter was afflicted by polio and he thou. Most of EVRs statue carry his message of No God. The Dravidian landscape, on the other hand, is an arid desert. , UNESCO ie) United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization did not credit EV Ramasamy with any award titled The Socrates of South However, this seems confused in hindsight. They cannot be abusive or personal. His weapon was hate and like Adolf Hitler didnt think twice that he could hurt innocent people. Accordingly, the water level in the dam would be limited to 138 feet till October 31 and 139.5 feet till November 10. He wanted the British to continue to remain in power while simultaneously complaining that they were succumbing to the machinations of the Brahmins. The reason? Then again, they were not alone. Their snakes dont have venom but the Tamil snakes do. Another claim was that EVR stood for womens emancipation. The population of the presidency of Madras (a.k.a. The court will hear the case again on November 11. In his last ever speech, on December 19, 1973, he spoke that he had been striving for long to annihilate god, religion, the Congress, Gandhi and the Brahmin. I had answered. The dharma of India is the dharma of criminal tribes. Based on the committees finding that the dam was structurally and hydrologically safe, the court, in May 2014, struck down Keralas Act and allowed Tamil Nadu to maintain the level at 142 feet. It also asked the Central Government to set up a three-member Supervisory Committee to monitor dam safety. Naicker laid foundations to a confused self respect and rationalist(as he called himself..rationalising whatever he did) movement that emanated from his enormous personal frustrations. dwelled on such grave issues as whether Sita slept with Valmiki. in an earlier meeting on August 31, 1959: There is no doubt that in the late 19th century and early 20th century, Brahmins dominated the educational scene in the state. He was the angry man spewing vitriolic hate against society, blaming, abusing, mocking, vulgarising Tamils. * Ram is very good at studies but his dad is poor. Somehow he managed to get his son into an IIT coaching. Ram gets admission in the IIT Coaching. We offer full engineering support and work with the best and most updated software programs for design SolidWorks and Mastercam. Soon, roads were renamed, portraits unveiled, housing colonies were to be named after politicians in Tamilnadu. This would mean that around 4,500 students would have had to be passing out every year in the 1930s. Even the Westerners gloat at EVR hitting at Tamil civilisation that had survived centuries of foreign rule. Later, he declared that his organisation, Dravida Kazhagam will ever never aspire for power. B R Ambedkar mocked and called Aryan Invasion an invention. His pious wife objected. It did not ever occur to Periyar that independence would open the sluice gates of education and other opportunities. Design of a new dam by Nevertheless, he has never spoken about, or against, Periyar thus far. India has gone into the hands of scoundrels after the departure of the British., There is no doubt that Periyar genuinely wanted the Dalits to break out of the shackles of caste oppression but his approach was more paternalistic than what Gandhi was being accused of. On the employment front, the total number of Brahmin gazetted officers were 620 in 1928. Fact remains that while all the hate theories of EVR were meticulously followed by his blind followers, none of his good ideals were followed even as chutney. Am aware that girl students in hostels run by the Dravidar Kazhagam trust in Tamilnadu provide nutritionless tastless food to girl students despite collecting huge fees. He mocked blouse wearing Dalit women as responsible for increase in the cost of clothes. Long story short, Rajinikanth mixed up the gods who got beaten with chappals and the gods who were paraded naked. Though EVR desired simple marriages which carried enormous good sense, what pompous Dravidian followers did in practice will make him hang his head in shame. Though it was Mahatma Gandhi talk to the Ranis that ensured entry for Ezhava community into Vaikom temple, chroniclers of EVR conveniently ignore this fact. EVR can go to any extent to tarnish the name and credibility of anyone who came on his way and his wife too became a victim to his machinations. EVR went hammer and tongs on CNA for his decision as was usual with him. I am not able to find any thing proving it. Particularly when UNESCO is about to give out a prize in honor of an abusive, corrupt leader from West Africa whose record resembles that of Kim Jong-il. The CM of the time K Karunanidhi first denied the incident, and then at a press conference held on 1 February the same year, said, "I am saddened to hear of the news that the procession at Salem in which idols were displayed obscenely have hurt the sentiments of the theists.". But they weren't just garlanded with chappals, they were also beaten with them. EVRs desire for instant stardom in Congress was not achieved because of Leaders like Sathyamurthy and some other Brahmins who ran the party. The longer the period of impact, the more conceptual the idea conceived is deemed to be of the impacting mind. Gowthaman). He quoted a report that appeared on Outlook in 2017, which had done the same thing. Most of the hero entry songs in his films would mention how he follows the footsteps of 'Thanthai Periyar' (Father Periyar). Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. Please abide by our community guidelines for posting your comments. He wanted people to give up their mother tongue and speak in English. Welcome! That was biggest bullshit by Dravida Sanghis of Tamilnadu! Thiru Brahmma [ https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2988850788016481&id=10000674 They call me a subterfuger and that is ironic because such hiding, twisting, manipulative skills were the key characters of most of Congress claims on India since her formation in 1885 as an elitist club and as a joint venture with Colonial British to seek jobs from the rulers. / The World Tamil Conference in Chennai ran by Chief Minister CN Annadurai focused on statues for tamil savants but their choice was filled with prejudices and controversies. Water woes: The 2018 floods in Kerala and the erratic monsoons have put the 126-year-old dam in the spotlight. Fewer than 1,000 students would have had to be passing out every year in the 1890s. Viswanathan, 1983, p. 126). The reason is 90% of our population are fools and 97% of them are persons of low birth. The aftermath of hate based rebellions had left always conditions worse than it were. The pinnacle of this hypocrisy was when a statue of EVR was unveiled by his disciples in the presence of EVR himself in Chennai. Tokenism was the key mantra. If you are already a registered user of The Hindu and logged in, you may continue to engage with our articles. EVR worked meticulously to break the moral shackles around him. Only with this theory an attempt at ravaging Hinduism could be tried for projecting Brahmins as aliens to India and Hinduism. There is a good chance that it is true. As a result, most of coveted government jobs went to the Brahmins. Comments have to be in English, and in full sentences. When Brahmin Sathyamurthy led Congress entered the famous Madurai Meenakshi Temple with Dalits, EVR objected. What he spoke and what he did in real life were often contrary. Colleges swarmed with them. 1. The Dravidian landscape, on the other hand, is an arid desert, and Periyar was the only cactus plant to have bloomed in it. This politics has now amplified into construction of memorials across the state with tax payers money running into 100s of crores. I see Adi Sankara as the last great mind India saw as he could influence with his Advaitha concept and limit Buddhism in India. He believed that Hindi was an Aryan language and making it compulsory in education was an Scholars like Christian Devaneya Pavanar helped further this with all kinds of defences and interpretations. The reason is simple. EVR was like a heavy road roller that crushed anything that came between his deep desires but was smart and cunning enough to mask them as social issues. Periyar was clear that he was against Brahmins, not Brahminism. He once said that the white people who lived in the temperate regions were less brainy than the ones who lived in Tamil Nadu. But without understanding the mind of EVR, its impossible to understand the Dravidian parties hypocritical contempt for idols and love for statues. Similarly, while it is true that Periyar did agitate in 1951 when the Madras high court struck down the orders on reservation and the Government of Madras subsequently lost its appeal with the Supreme Court it was on the recommendations of the Congress Government of Madras and on consideration of the need for removing man-made equalities (in Granville Austins words) that the Nehru dispensation brought in the First Amendment to the Indian Constitution. Tamil Nadu today) in 1931 was, of the population were graduating from these colleges. EVR was against higher education as he felt cheap labour would become unavailable then. A culture of a civilisation is judged by its contributions to sustaining a society. But he didn't lie. He was forcibly married to a very pious girl with that fond typical South Indian belief that marriage cures all kinds of vagabounds and eccentric young men. The Maharaja of Travancore signed a 999-year Periyar Lake lease agreement with the British government on October 29, 1886, for the construction of the Mullaperiyar It is almost axiomatic in Tamil Nadu, and constantly parroted by non-Tamils too, that it was thanks only to Periyar that reservations in jobs and education came into being in the state. Periyar, : So long as democracy exists, the honest will have no other option except to fade away, giving the dishonest room to dance around. -, Press J to jump to the feed. Their flowers were less fragrant than the flowers of Tamil Nadu. Users can access their older comments by logging into their accounts on Vuukle. None follow the few good things EVR propagated. The only time Rajinikanth openly admitted to having political ambitions was in a Doordarshan interview in 1995. He felt he was deprived of his opportunities for stardom with Brahmin Sathyamurthy being proactive with integration of castes. WebThe reason is simple. EVR Naicker born very rich, ran a family temple of Lord Ganesha in Erode. Attorney Advertising. The Tamil Brahmins started migrating to cities both within the Tamil land and without whereas an overwhelming majority of them had been living in villages at the dawn of the 20th century. 1. The most likely candidate for this would be army - many regiments have 100% reservations for specific castes, region or religion. * Army recruitmen So ignored. Because the truth is worth it.). By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. Recently new interpretations are given to defend EVRs thoughts. Keralas Irrigation Design and Research Board is in the final stages . Am aware that any effort to break the status quo about EVRs presumed greatness will be resisted byrationalists who admire him blindly as they are aware such questions on EVR will break the artificial halo built for political and monetary gains. does apple support planned parenthood,